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By golly Batman is that ringing i hear?!?!? [07 Sep 2006|08:00pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

One of my usual rants...Collapse )

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DOWN WITH BUSH [14 Mar 2005|06:05pm]
President Bush has just made a public announcment about homosexuality
on CBS as of 02/23/05. George Bush is going to put a ban on homosexuals
in the media because its "raising the future americans the wrong way"
as he states in the interview. If we can get 200 people to sign this
petition, we can get this bill not passed. Your help is really needed
bad and we would appreciate it if you could sign the petiton to show
how much you care. Once you get to 200 signatures, send it to

copy and paste it into your lj and add ur name

comemnt as well saying what u wrote

1. Jake Thomas (Vacaville, Califonia) ERASE THE HATE!
2. Craig Smith (San Fran, Cali)
3. Emily Townsend (Las Vegad, Nevada)
4. Andre Johnson +Detroit, Michigan+
5. Kimmi Moss |mesa, arizona|
6. Tara Crown (atlanta, geogia)
7. *Marlon Melson* -Mcdonough, Ga- (this shit aint fucking right man)
8.Dylan Bartos-richmond, Va
9.Brent Neifield- Cheltenham, Pa
10. Andrew Munson- Oceanside, CA
11. Ashley Medbery, Columbia, South Carolina
12.nathan XXX brown,arizona,peoria
13. Raven Serin-Phoenix, az
14 Derek Sinock-San Diego,Ca Im not gay but ill support em.
15. GERM - san diego,ca why all the hate?
16. Robert Michael Schultze, San Diego, Ca 92154. Come and get me Nazi fuckbag.
17. Lee Krysinski, San Diego, CA
18. sterling barck - costa mesa, ca
19. Cami Barton- San Diego, CA
20. Leah Rosenbaum- San Diego, Ca
21. Tony Stremski- san diego ca
22. Brooke Ives-Los Angeles, CA
23. Megan Bunch- Locust Grove, VA
24. Vito Angelico, Berwyn, IL
25. Jordy - Huntington Beach, CA
26. Paula - Canby, OR
27. Stephanie- Stoneham, MA
28. Leah - Malden, MA
29. Anthony - Melrose, MA
30. John - Waltham, MA
31. Cassandra- Waltham, MA.
32. Matt Spurr - Beverly, MA
33. Sarah Lorigan- NH
34. Kim Gatti-NH
35. Adam Byron - NH
36. Ryan Donovan - Nashua, NH
37. julia berry - nashua, NH
38. Kaitlyn Curran - Revere, MA
39. Leah Camley - Revere, MA
40. Christine MARIE Brienza the first- billerica, MA
41. Tracey Brienza- Billerica Ma
42. Da Net Bartlett- billerica, ma
43. Lizzz Bender- Townsend Ma
44. Andrew Weber (slash) - Philadelphia, PA
45. Jess Kahn - Philadelphia, PA
46. Nikkie Elwood- Wilmington, DE
47. Alissa Lamanna-wilm, de
48. Kat Cormack, UK
49. Laura Naum ,NY STATE- USA...please stop the hate- love is love, thats all there is to it!
50. Ainz McMaster, UK
51. Charlene Caesar, UK

Shamelessly stolen from amber911

(9 Found the path back to reality | Trapped within the echoes of a memory )

Friend cut.... [20 Dec 2004|02:49pm]
These people have been deleted from my friends list....


Sorry its nothing personal, i just feel like we have nothing in common.

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Last Chance at New beginnings [22 Sep 2003|11:32pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


The first time I wrote this page out it was long and boring and filled with crap. So here’s a shorter version of what was here before.

This livejournal is friends only. This means in order to be added you must leave a comment. Without one I will simply point and laugh at you.

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